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PATROL (Parking and Traffic Regulations Outside London Joint Committee) Adjudication Joint Committee




The main function of the Joint Committee is to provide resources to support independent adjudicators and their staff, who together comprise the Traffic Penalty Tribunal (TPT). The TPT’s appeal streams include:


·         Parking: England (Outside London) and Wales

·         Bus Lanes: England (Outside London) and Wales

·         Moving Traffic: Wales only

·         Road User Charging: Dartford-Thurrock River Crossing, Durham Congestion Zone, Mersey Gateway Bridge Crossings.



In addition, PATROL undertakes initiatives to support its local authority members and raise awareness of the objectives of civil enforcement, including:


·         The promotion of local parking annual reports through the PARC (Parking Annual Reports by Councils) Award Scheme

·         Provision of information on civil enforcement through the PATROL website

·         Taking forward traffic management issues of mutual interest for member authorities, while also taking into account the motorist’s perspective, evidenced through appeals to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal.




Over 300 local authorities in England (outside London) and Wales are members.


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