Outside body

Hollybush Garden Centre Liaison Committee




·         To provide a forum for discussion, the exchange of information and the creation and maintenance of communication channels between the Owner and the local community about the activities and operations taking place on the Land, or as a result of those activities and operations eg. the resulting traffic to include details regarding comments or complaints received and any remedial action taken.



Core Membership:


Employees on behalf of the Owner

4 max

Staffordshire County Councillors


South Staffordshire District Councillors


Cheslyn Hay Parish Councillors


Local residents appointed at the discretion of the Owner acting reasonably





·         To invite officers on behalf of the County Council and South Staffordshire District Council to attend meetings in an advisory role.

·         To invite representatives on behalf of the Environment Agency to attend meetings in an advisory role.

·         To invite other persons, at the request of the committee to attend meetings.

Contact information

Catherine Woolridge
Senior Regulation Planning Officer

Our representatives