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Local Government Association - Councillors Forum


LGA Councillors’ Forum Terms of Reference


Role Description


The purpose of the LGA Councillors’ Forum is to provide an effective means of holding the LGA to account by:


 Receiving reports from the LGA Board Chairs, providing views and challenge;

 Discussing topical cross-cutting issues impacting on local government to ensure effective connections are being made across Boards.


The LGA Councillors’ Forum may:

 Receive briefings and hold discussions on topical issues impacting on local government, to ensure members have sufficient information to hold the LGA to account;

 Request the attendance of external speakers where that supports the Forum in carrying out its role.


Reporting Accountabilities

The LGA Councillors' Forum is an advisory body that provides a steer to the Local Government Association LGA Executive on current priority issues for local government.





One third of the members, provided that representatives of at least 2 political groups represented on the body are present.


Political Composition

Conservative group: 41 members

Labour group: 40 members

Independent group: 10 members

Liberal Democrat group: 9 members

Substitute members from each political group may also be appointed.


Frequency per year

Meetings to be held five times per year.

Contact information

Alexander Saul
Member Services Officer, LGA

Our representatives