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Local Strategic Partnership - Tamworth Strategic Partnership



Purpose of the Tamworth Strategic Partnership Executive Board


  • To provide the Leadership and strategic direction necessary to achieve the shared priorities and objectives
  • To agree priorities, set direction, empower individuals and check and challenge progress and outcomes,
  • To lobby and influence in the interest of local priorities
  • To be collectively and individually accountable for planning, resourcing and delivering programmes, projects and work streams designed to achieve the shared priorities and objectives
  • To focus upon the delivery of the shared priorities for Tamworth and its communities;

·         To implement a simple and transparent governance arrangement to support statutory compliance and accountability;

  • To engender a flexible partnership environment based upon agreed core principles; and
  • To create a sustainable partnership culture based upon honesty, trust and fairness
  • Where relevant to Commission Services to meet the needs of Tamworth residents with delegated decision making powers
  • To review provision of services and functions that can be integrated to achieve more effective public services
  • To authorise the annual Locality Commissioning Plan and the Community Safety Strategic Assessment and Community Safety Partnership Plan




·               Tamworth Borough Council                    Chief Executive

·               Police                                                          Police Team Commander

·               Fire Service                                                Area Commander

·               Public Health representative                   District Public Health Lead

·               Clinical Commissioning Group             Chief Operating Officer

·               County Council                                         District Commissioner

·               College                                                       Deputy Principal

·               Council for Voluntary Sector                   Chief Officer

·               Business Enterprise Partnership           Chair of the BEP or representative

·               County Councillor                                     Cabinet member                  

·               Borough Councillor                                   Leader of the Council

·               Fire Authority representative                   Responsible Authorities Group rep

·               Probation Service representative           Responsible Authorities Group rep


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Beverley Ginley
Business Support Manager

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