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Local Strategic Partnership - Stafford Borough Strategic Board


The role of the Strategic Board is to


·         Provide as a partnership strategic leadership, direction and decision making to effective delivery of outcomes within the Borough.

·         Be responsible for statutory duties in respect of Community Safety and Health and Wellbeing.

·         Ensure that the long term strategic and community aspirations for the Borough and reflected partnership plans.

·         Implement, manage and support a governance structure that will deliver outcomes ensuring the statutory duties in respect of the above met.

·         Implement effective performance and risk management of doorway plans with a particular focus on outcomes and evaluation.

·         Work as a partnership to influence delivery plans of partner organisations and to encourage them to align funding to enable the successful achievement of outcomes in the Borough.

·         Provide a constructive, robust and purposeful challenge to partner organisation in accordance with the performance and risk management arrangements.

·         Champion the aspirations of the Borough, disseminate best practice and acknowledge successful outcomes.


The Strategic Board will meet on a quarterly basis with additional meetings as required.


Membership of the Board


·         Stafford Borough Council

·         Staffordshire County Council

·         Support Staffordshire

·         Stafford and Rural Homes

·         Stafford and Surrounds Clinical Commissioning Group

·         Staffordshire Police

·         Staffordshire Fire and Rescue

·         Staffordshire University

·         Stafford College

·         Stafford Chamber of Commerce

·         MoD Stafford

·         Stafford Churches Together

·         Staffordshire Wildlife Trust

Contact information

Tracy Redpath
Corporate Business and Partnerships Manager

Website: https://www.staffordbc.gov.uk/role-of-the-board-and-membership

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