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Local Strategic Partnership - South Staffordshire


Our vision


We will strive to make South Staffordshire a safe and healthy place to live, with prosperous villages and thriving communities, where everyone can develop their abilities to the full and pass on to future generations a better environment.


Our Purpose


The purpose of South Staffordshire Partnership is to:


·         Be the ‘partnership of partnerships’ within South Staffordshire providing strategic? co-ordination and linking other plans and bodies at local, sub regional and regional levels

·         Prepare and implement a Community Strategy that provides a long term framework for? action to benefit all the people of South Staffordshire

·         Work with Staffordshire County Council and other key partners to develop and deliver and the outcomes


Our Core Values:


·         Sustainability - we are looking at the long-term implications of current activities while taking into account the wellbeing of future generations as well as the current generation of residents

·         Engagement – we will actively involve the residents of South Staffordshire in both the development and implementation of the Community Strategy

·         Equality – we will provide services that are accessible and appropriate to the needs of all irrespective of disability, gender, racial or ethnic background, religion or culture

·         Diversity – we believe that everyone in South Staffordshire deserves to receive excellent services that reflect their individual needs and circumstances

Contact information

Clodagh Peterson
Policy and Partnership Manager

Website: http://www.southstaffspartnership.co.uk/about-the-partnership.html

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