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Staffordshire Local Government Association - Staffordshire Planning Forum




To ensure that the Staffordshire authorities and their electorates are appropriately represented in matters relating to the strategic planning and regeneration of the West Midlands Region and its sub-regions.


To keep under constant review Staffordshire’s involvement in regional planning and sub-regional matters:

-          evolving legislation, national planning guidance and planning regulations;

-          officer and member representation and structures.


To receive briefings on matters of forthcoming regional debate.


To be the vehicle for liaison between County, Unitary and District/Borough Councils for the purposes of Local Development Framework/Local Development Document development within the county, in particular:

-          cross boundary issues;

-          overall county/sub-area frameworks;

-          mutual support.


As such the body has a consultative and liaison role and no powers to determine any matters on behalf of the constituent local authorities.


For the purposes of this Forum, planning relates to both land use and transportation planning, housing and economic development and other related matters.


Membership (from Forum constitution)


“2. Composition


2.1 The Joint Planning Forum will comprise one elected member representative of each of the following authorities: Staffordshire County Council; Staffordshire Moorlands District Council; East Staffordshire Borough Council; Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council; Stafford Borough Council; Lichfield District Council; Cannock Chase District Council; South Staffordshire District Council; and Tamworth Borough Council.


2.2 The elected member representative of each authority listed in paragraph 2.1 will be the Executive member having the portfolio of responsibility for its functions relating to strategic and development plan-related town and country planning and regeneration.


2.3 Each authority listed in paragraph 2.1 will nominate a substitute member of its Executive to represent it at meetings of the Joint Planning Forum when the member representative under paragraph 2.2 is unable to attend.


2.4 The Stoke-on-Trent City Council will be represented on the Joint Planning Forum by the City Council’s nominee and the substitute under paragraph 2.3 will be such other  nominee as the City Council may appoint.


2.5 Each participant authority shall be entitled to appoint one additional elected member to attend meetings of the Joint Planning Forum.


2.6 The Joint Planning Forum will meet two or three times each year depending on the timing of relevant subject matter or on such other frequency or occasion as the Joint Planning Forum may agree.


2.7 The Joint Planning Forum will appoint a Chairman and Vice-Chairman from amongst its members at its bi-annual meeting.  The bi-annual meeting will be the first meeting held after 1 June 2010 and then the first meeting held after 1 June in every other year.


2.8 Each representative appointed under paragraphs 2.2 and 2.4 shall have one vote.  The Chairman or Vice-Chairman (as the case may be) will not have a casting vote.


2.9 Each substitute representative appointed under paragraphs 2.3 and 2.4 shall be entitled to exercise the vote of the representative of that authority who is unable to attend.


2.10 Each additional member appointed under paragraph 2.5 shall not be entitled to vote unless he or she is entitled to vote under paragraph 2.9.


2.11 The Chief Executive, the Corporate Director (Development Services) (or equivalent Corporate Director) and other senior officers of each of the constituent authorities have an advisory capacity only.  Save as provided for in paragraphs 2.8 and 2.9, no officer shall have a vote.


2.12 The Forum shall from time to time appoint a senior officer of one of the member authorities to act as Secretary to the Forum who shall be responsible for summoning meetings of the Forum and undertaking the relevant support and administration for the Forum’s work.


2.13 The Staffordshire Planning and Development Officers’ Group, Housing Officers’ Group and Economic Development Officers may put forward items for consideration by notification to the Secretary.


3. Delegated Powers


3.1 The Joint Planning Forum will have no delegated powers and will not control any budget.


4. Reporting Arrangements


4.1 The Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent Planning Forum will report its proceedings and minutes to the Staffordshire Local Government Association.”

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Jonathan Lindop
Member and Democratic Services, SCC

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