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A Heritage Champion is normally a local councillor who has been nominated by their authority to promote all aspects of the historic environment in their area.


Heritage Champions can be very influential. As a Heritage Champion, it’s up to you to interpret the role in a way that fits with your own interests, position and local conditions.


At a strategic level, Champions can make sure that local plans and strategies capture the contribution that the local historic environment can make to the success of an area.


More specifically, you can:


  • Help local authorities manage the historic environment of their area
  • Promote heritage within your local authority, generating enthusiasm for and awareness of the importance of the local historic environment
  • Help ensure that commitment to the proper care of the historic environment is embedded in all relevant activities and plans of the local authority; for example, helping to ensure good quality planning decisions are made
  • Support your authority's local historic environment services (both archaeological and historic buildings conservation officers). Influence and communicate with others to ensure benefits for the historic environment




It is up to the local authority to decide how to nominate their Heritage Champion. If you are a local councillor who would like to become a Heritage Champion, contact your council leader and your fellow councillors.

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