Election results for Staffordshire Police Area

Police and Crime Commissioner Election - Thursday 5th May 2016

Staffordshire Police Area - results
Election Candidate Party 1st Pref % 2nd Pref % Total Outcome
Matthew Ellis Conservative 63123 36% 11877 50% 75000 Elected
George Adamson Labour 54753 31% 11760 50% 66513 Not elected
Harold David Gregory UK Independence Party 27550 16% Not elected
Natalie Elizabeth Devaney Independent 22155 13% Not elected
Paul Woodhead The Green Party 6527 4% Not elected
Voting Summary
Details Number
Seats 1
Total votes 174108
Number of ballot papers issued 141513
Number of ballot papers rejected at the 1st count 1925
Number of ballot papers rejected at the 2nd count 1558
Rejected ballot papers
Description1st Count2nd Count
Unmarked or void for uncertainty11558
Voter can be identified200
Voting for more than the required number of candidates19040
Total rejected19251558