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Economic Strategy

17/03/2022 - Economic Strategy


“Our economic strategy underpins how we as a county council will help to steer Staffordshire’s continued growth post pandemic, building on our strengths and successes and supporting our ambitions over the next eight years.


It is a priority to us to ensure our communities have more opportunities through higher paid, higher skilled jobs. For us to achieve that goal we will lead on attracting major investment to the county – something we have demonstrated through delivery of projects like i54 South Staffordshire and the Stafford Western Access Route.


We’ll do all we can with our partners to support start-up and small businesses which employ thousands of people across Staffordshire. Our plan also focuses on our key transport routes – working with partners to improve them and making the most of our superb connectivity.


Making our economy stronger can only be done through close working with businesses themselves together with our district and borough councils and other partner organisations, meaning we can secure more funding from Government more effectively and attract new businesses to the county.


We want to make sure we’re getting this right and that partners and communities are involved. We’ll be launching a four-week consultation very soon and hope people will take the time to give us their valued feedback”.


Cllr Philip White, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Economy and Skills


Reasons for the Decision – To consider proposals to undertake a 4-week public consultation to provide the opportunity for partners, local stakeholders, residents, and businesses to help shape the Council’s new Economic Strategy.


Decision (a) That the Consultation Draft of the Economic Strategy be approved.


(b) That a 4-week public consultation be conducted on the draft Economic Strategy, seeking views from stakeholders, businesses, and residents.


(c) That the Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Economy & Skills take the draft Economic Strategy to the next available Prosperous Overview & Scrutiny Committee for consideration and input.


(d) That the Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Economy & Skills and the Director for Economy, Infrastructure & Skills be authorised to agree changes and finalise the Economic Strategy based on feedback received from the public consultation, Prosperous Overview & Scrutiny Committee and in response to Government policy announcements including the Levelling Up White Paper.


(e) That, working with those Cabinet Members with associated responsibilities, the Director for Economy, Infrastructure & Skills be authorised to progress the development of supporting delivery plans, working with our partners as appropriate.