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Annual Implementation Plan, 2011-12: Predicted Outturn

Report of Director for Deputy Chief Executive and Director for Place and Director of Adult and Neighbourhood Services


The Committee considered a joint report  of the Director for Place and Deputy Chief Executive and the Director of Adult and Neighbourhood Services detailing the predicted outturn against the targets set in Joint Archive Service’s Annual Implementation Plan for 2011-2012.


The year 2011-2012 had been one of transition and change as new staffing structures and changes to opening hours had been implemented. This has had some affect on the performance outturn as the Service had adapted to these changes. However overall the performance of the Service had been maintained at previous high levels with some targets being exceeded compared to last year’s outturn.  Members noted a number of highlights and key achievements throughout the year detailed in the report. They noted that, as there were no national performance indicators, the Archive Service reported against local indicators and the predicted outturn against those targets. This year there had been no National Archives self-assessment as work was now underway to develop a new Archives Accreditation Scheme led by the National Archives.


The Committee noted that the Archive Services was only the third County to receive Designated Status, which was a great achievement for the Service.


The Archive Service Implementation Plan had seven outcomes which set the vision for the Service from 2009 – 2012.  The Key achievements against each outcome were: (i) the customer is at the heart of service delivery; (ii) an innovative online presence which showcases Staffordshire’s archives; (iii) engagement with Staffordshire’s communities to strengthen their identity and place; (iv) engagement with people of all ages in activities which celebrate and discover Staffordshire’s history; (v) a well managed and high performing service; (vi) improving and promoting user access to Staffordshire’s archive collections; and (vii) delivering high quality care of Staffordshire’s archive collections.


Members noted the detail of performance to local indicators showing personal use of the Archive Service and online use had seen falls in visits to the main website which could be linked to falls in onsite visits as people access the site in connection with a visit.  However they noted visits to other online resources and the online catalogue had seen increases (up 32%/29% respectively).


Following a query about the Staffordshire Hoard the Chairman was informed about the Mercian Trial and a bid for National Lottery funding, to develop a touring community exhibition to explain the significance of the Hoard to a wider audience.  The Head of Archive Services also reported on the current situation regarding the Wedgwood Collection and informed the Committee of the support given so far by the County Council and City Council.


The Chairman suggested that there was a review of the indicators to meet the modern service and include a new usage figure to provide a more accurate reflection of the work delivered by the Archive Service. The review should also include an indicator to show the level and effect of community engagement work by the Archive Service. He also asked that the Committee’s thanks be passed to the staff for the excellent work done.


RESOLVED – that the report be received as a record of the predicted performance of the Joint Archive Service for the year ending 31 March 2012.

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