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Information about Schools Forum


The Government requires that each local authority (LA) maintain a Schools Forum to represent its schools' views on matters relating to the total Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG). The DSG funds a range of responsibilities including delegated budgets to schools, plus a number of centrally managed functions relating largely to the provision of support for pupils with special educational needs (SEN), out-County and independent SEN placements and funding for early years in private, voluntary and independent nurseries. 

Purpose of the Forum 

Schools Forum is made up of representatives from schools and academies, but with some representation from other non-school organisations, such as nursery and 14 -19education providers. The forum acts as a consultative body on some issues and a decision-making body on others, some of which is prescribed by Regulations.

The forum acts in a consultative role for:

·         Changes to the local funding formula

·         Proposed changes to the operation of the minimum funding guarantee

·         Changes to or new contracts affecting schools

·         Arrangements for pupils with special educational needs, in pupil referral units and in early years provision

The forum is responsible for decisions on:

·         How much funding may be centrally retained within the Dedicated Schools Grant for particular service areas

·         Any proposed carry forward of deficits on central spend from one year to the next

·         Proposals to de-delegate funding from maintained primary and secondary schools for specified responsibilities (set out in the regulations)

·         Changes to the scheme of financial management

Powers & Duties 

The Schools Forum is an advisory body with some limited decision making powers, established to represent schools views to the local authority. 

There is a duty placed on all members of the Schools Forum to seek views from other groups and to facilitate feedback arrangements.


Although made up mainly of representatives from schools, both maintained and academies, it also includes "non-school" members, representing relevant bodies, Diocesan representatives, representatives from School Consultative Committees, Early Years PVIs, 14-19 Strategic Partnership and a Parent Governor representative from the Select Committee considering education issues. 

A list of representatives from each category is below:

School Members

Dawn Freeman

All Maintained Nursery Schools



Stephen Swatton

All Maintained Primary Schools

Stephen Drew
All Maintained Primary Schools

Vicki Lewis
All Maintained Primary Schools



Lindi Nejrup

All Primary (Maintained & Academy)



Jessica Roden
All Primary Academies

Anne Tapp
All Primary Academies

Helen Baron
All Primary Academies

Richard Sutton

All Primary Academies

Abigail Rourke
All Primary Academies

Kevin Allbutt
All Academy Primary Schools


Chris Wright
All Middle Schools



Carolyn Trowbridge
All Maintained Secondary schools



Mark Boughey
All Secondary Academies

Andrew Skelding

All Secondary Academies

Nicola Mason

All Secondary Academies

Emily Verow
All Secondary Academies

Will Wilson

All Secondary Academies


Alun Harding
Secondary Heads Forum


Kim Prince Anson
All Maintained Special Schools

Paul Spreadbury

All Academy Special Schools

Kirsty Rogers
All Maintained Pupil Referral Units

Richard Redgate (Chairman)
All Alternative Provision Academies

Non -School Members

Steve Barr (Vice Chair)
Schools’ Consultative Groups

Craig Hodgson
16 – 19 Education

Lichfield Diocesan Board of Education

Philip Siddell
PVI Early Years

Steve Breeze
Schools’ Consultative Groups

Sadie Jones

PVI (Early Years)

You can download an Information Pack for prospective members.

Should you have any queries about the nomination or election process please contact the Clerk, Simon Humble e-mail: 


The Schools Forum is required to operate under a formal constitution that covers the detail of its membership, full terms of reference, operating procedures and arrangements for paying expenses to members. You can find the Constitution of the Schools Forum here.


Schools Forum Guidance

The Education and Skills Funding Agency issue guidance for Schools Forums.  The latest guidance was published on 29 September and is accessible from the website.


Other Guidance

·         Staffordshire scheme for Financing Schools


All meetings of the Schools Forum are open to members of the public.