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Staffordshire Health and Wellbeing Board - Thursday 2nd December 2021 3:00pm

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Welcome and Routine Items

Presented By: Chair

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Declarations of Interest

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Minutes of Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 257 KB

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RESOLVED – That the minutes of the meeting held on 2 September 2021 be confirmed and signed by the Chairman.


Questions from the Public

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Covid Update

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The Board received an update on the current Covid situation within Staffordshire, the emerging Omicron variant and associated concerns. The Board were informed of the new rules that had been introduced by the Government, including the requirement to wear a face covering in shops, indoor public spaces and on public transport.


There was a requirement to isolate even for those vaccinated, should they be identified as a close contact of someone who had tested positive with the new variant.


The Board was reminded and encouraged to follow the new rules and preventative measures in place, including vaccination.


Staffordshire Joint Strategic Needs and Assets Assessment 2021 – Progress Update pdf icon PDF 133 KB

Presented By: Claire McIver

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The Board received an update on the Staffordshire Joint Strategic Needs and Assets Assessment (JSNA), updating them on the progress throughout 2021 and the new format and requesting sign-off on the final version.


It was agreed at the 3 June 2021 meeting that this years’ JSNA would bring together the assets and needs of the local population. The JSNA comprises of 8 key messages.


As part of the finalisation of the JSNA, headlines and key trends were delivered to the Board on 2 September 2021. Feedback from the detailed JSNA outputs had been considered and incorporated into the final version, along with additional data metrics, which had been made available on the Staffordshire Observatory.


The intention was for the new JSNA to be an iterative process, and as a live version which could be updated as changes were required.

Members of the Board commented on the new format of the JSNA and how this helped focus the direction of travel and what needs to be done next. It was requested that the Board and Members of Scrutiny are advised of any iterative changes to the document throughout the year.


The Board were informed that work will now commence to support the development of the refreshed Joint Health and Wellbeing Board Strategy.


RESOLVED – That (a) the new Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, and the new format be noted; and


(b) the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment be approved.


Health and Wellbeing Board Strategy

Presented By: Claire McIver

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The Board considered an oral report and PowerPoint Presentation on the Joint Health and Wellbeing Board Strategy which had been refreshed into a new 2022-2027 version.


As a result of reviewing the JSNA and a range of other discussions over past Board meetings, the new Strategy over the next five years had been pulled together. It was proposed that the Strategy be titled ‘Health as everyone’s business’.


The slides detailed key headlines and how the strategy is structured at a high-level along with a summary of health and wellbeing in Staffordshire. The Board were asked whether this is a true reflection of the JSNA and if the right areas had been captured.


The Strategy focused on promoting a collaborative approach to deliver healthy communities and healthy environments, drawing on existing strengths and assets. It sought to provide the conditions to support healthy choices and ensure high quality and equitable support to keep people independent and well, when needed. The ambition of the Strategy was to reduce health inequity and inequality and increase life expectancy for all.


Members of the Board requested that individuals own motivation be factored into the delivery of the strategy, focussing on their own choices and circumstances.


The Board requested that work be undertaken to look at communications around delivering the refreshed Strategy.


The slides further outlined the principles of the refreshed Strategy and the Board were asked to ensure that these are the right principles. The Board were supportive of the principles detailed below:


-      Prioritise prevention and early intervention

-      Engage with communities and co-produce solutions

-      Recognise and support the growing contribution and needs of voluntary organisations to improving health and wellbeing

-      Recognise diversity and respond to inequalities and inequities

-      Commission and deliver high quality services that provide excellent value for money for those who need them most, tailored to people’s needs

-      Communicate clearly making sure we are understood, and that information is accessible to everyone

-      Strengths-based, making the most of existing community assets and insight

-      Improving health outcomes through a good understanding of data, improving care coordination and designing proactive models of care

-      Seek to ensure local people have access to the information and support they need to remain independent and stay well

-      Develop the wider health and care workforce and embrace digital solutions.


The Strategy will focus on four areas of approach:


1.   the Wider Determinants of Health;

2.   our Health Behaviours and Lifestyles;

3.   the Places and Communities we live in and with; and

4.   an Integrated Health and Care System.


The Board supported the approach outlined, with the addition of a specific reference to mental health under point 3.


The priorities of the strategy had been determined by local insight and the current health and wellbeing need. Each priority area would include the outcomes to be achieved and the local community assets and partners that would be worked with.


-      Reducing infant mortality, which will look at understanding and tackling the causes as  ...  view the full minutes text for item 81.


Better Health Staffordshire

Presented By: Karen Coker Tony Bullock Lucy Marquis (MPFT) Jude Taylor (Together Active)

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The Board received an oral report and presentation on the Better Health Staffordshire project. Better Health Staffordshire is the brand name for the work being undertaken around obesity, physical activity and diet. The Board were reminded of previous presentations to the Board by Jude Taylor from TogetherActive.


Slides were presented to the Board, which covered both short term impacts and long-term developments which the project is aiming to achieve.


The Board was informed of short-term impact work which had taken place to date, including various campaigns, improved advice and guidance, the procurement of an app finder and training sessions. These areas of work were complemented by a number of initiatives which were focussed on having a higher impact. Members of the Board were assured that outcome data will be shared with the group.


A whole systems approach was presented to the Board, comprising of six phases:


-      Phase 1: Set-up

-      Phase 2: Building the local picture

-      Phase 3: Mapping the local system

-      Phase 4: Action

-      Phase 5: Managing the system network

-      Phase 6: Reflect and refresh (ongoing)


The approach was currently at phase 3. Action planning would commence in Q1 2022. The request to the Board was to continue the support in shaping and developing this piece of work.


Further slides were presented to the Board, titled ‘A Tale of Two Histories’. This featured a case story around a 45-year-old person (Vicky) with a complex case history, diagnosed at age 28 with type 2 diabetes. The slides showed a timeline of medical history since 2012 and background was given in Vicky’s life. Statistics on food insecurity were provided to the Board.


The Board gave their collective thanks to Vicky for sharing their story.


Members of the Board discussed workplace arrangements and how we could look towards engaging people in weight management and the healthy agenda.


Next steps included facilitating workshops with partners and partnerships forming at a District/Borough level in 2022 to develop action plans with a view to the action stage starting in Q1 2022/23.

RESOLVED – That the update be noted.


Air Aware Staffordshire Project Phase 2 Update pdf icon PDF 123 KB

Presented By: Mike Calverley

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The Board received a report and presentation on the Air Aware Staffordshire Project Phase 2, updating them on the recent successful funding bid to continue the project.


The project had received funding from Defra to continue until March 2022. The project would now move into Phase 2 which will focus engagement activities in three locations (Burton, Leek and Cannock) where Air Quality Management Areas (AQMA) impact or are caused by transport to businesses and schools.


The Board was informed that £298,000 project funding is split across five elements of: Business Engagement; School Engagement; Electric Vehicle promotion; Communications and Monitoring stations.


The slides presented to the Board gave background on air pollution and each of the five elements listed above.


The Board was informed that next steps for the project, moving into 2022 included: an Anti-Idling campaign in March 2022, which is linked to the Make Staffordshire Sustainable Climate Change activities; an Active Travel month in May 2022, which would include activities on cycling and walking; a Clean Air Day in June 2022 and School, Business and EV engagement throughout the year.


The Board was assured that a detailed update on the progress of the project will be provided at the next Board meeting.


RESOLVED – That (a) the successful funding bid to continue the Air Aware Project be noted; and


(b) Note that a detailed update will be provided to the Board at their meeting on 3 March 2022.


Integrated Care Partnership Update

Presented By: Tracey Shewan

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The Board received an oral update and presentation on the Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Integrated Care System.


The slides denoted the core elements of integrated care systems, the leadership compact and an establishment timeline. The timeline detailed the work to date and ongoing activities up to 1 April 2022, when the Integrated Care System (ICS) would commence. It was raised that there was a potential for a delay to establishing the ICS, however the programme was continuing with a view to launching on the 1April 2022.


The Board was informed of the vision, priorities and purpose of the partnership, which were crafted over a series of development sessions to set the priorities for the future.


The slides further demonstrated the functions and duties of an Integrated Care Board (ICB).


The Board was also informed of the proposed ICB composition, which would comprise of a total of 14 members. This included 5 independent non-executive members, 5 executive members, 4 partner members and 2 non-voting board members.


Transition progress for the ICS was shared with the Board, outlining steps which had taken place to date and measures that were still outstanding. CCG were now undertaking due diligence as part of their close down activities.


The Board noted that due to the reorganisation, there will be no commissioning intentions submitted for 2021/22. It was requested that Commissioning Intentions for 2022/23 are provided, irrespective of the current changes in progress, as they are a statutory requirement of the Health and Wellbeing Board. The Board were subsequently informed that ‘System Plans’ were currently being submitted, and this was due to replace the usual CCG Commissioning Intentions for the Board.


RESOLVED – That the update be noted.


Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Adult Safeguarding Partnership Board (SSASPB) Annual Report 2020/21 pdf icon PDF 137 KB

Presented By: Helen Jones John Wood Ruth Martin

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The Board received the Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Adult Safeguarding Partnership Board (SSASPB) Annual Report 2020/21, which required Board oversight as part of the Care Act 2014.


The Annual Report covered the period 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021, and provided an overview of the work of the Board and its sub-groups, illustrated with case studies as to how the focus on ‘Making Safeguarding Personal’ was making a positive difference to ensuring adults with care and support needs were supported to make choices in how they will live their lives in a place where they feel safe, secure and free from abuse.


The Board was informed of the Staffordshire headlines for the reporting period, and concerns raised where a Section 42 enquiry may have been required.


The Board was asked to provide feedback as to how the Health and Wellbeing Board could enhance contributions to safeguarding of adults with care and support needs at risk of abuse or neglect.


Thanks were given to the Officers involved with the report.


RESOLVED – That (a) the Board receive and consider the SSASPB Annual Report 2020/21 in accordance with the requirements of the Care Act 2014; and


(b) Provide feedback as to how the HWBB can enhance contributions to safeguarding of adults with care and support needs at risk of abuse or neglect.


Forward Plan pdf icon PDF 310 KB

Presented By: Chair

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RESOLVED – That their Forward Plan for 2021/22 be received and noted with the inclusion of the following items for the meeting on 3 March 2022.


-      Health and Wellbeing Board Strategy

-      Frailty Strategy


Date of Next Meeting / Future Meeting Dates

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RESOLVED – That the date, time and venue of the next meeting of the Board (Thursday 3rd March 2022 at 3:00pm in the Council Chamber, County Buildings, Stafford), be noted.