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Proposed Internal Audit Strategy & Plan 2019/20

Meeting: 12/06/2019 - Audit and Standards Committee (Item 83)

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Report of the County Treasurer

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The County Treasurer set the context for the Strategy and Plan for the proposed Internal Audit Strategy and Plan 2019/20 that is presented to the Committee on an annual basis for approval. 


There were three key features of the plan which were risk, and the County Treasurer stated that it was his intention to ensure that the Council could evidence risk more obviously throughout Council.  Secondly, the use of data and automation.  The development of continuous controls monitoring (CCM) presented an exciting dilemma in allowing greater accessibility.  However, cyber security presented a threat and a balanced risk must be ensured.  Finally, communication of the Plan.  Audit is an aid to management and the development of the Plan is based upon consultation with a number of senior officers.  The proposed plan had been agreed by all the Senior Leadership Team before being presented to the Committee.  The aim was to make the Plan more user friendly and add value to the operations of the Council. 


The interim Chief Internal Auditor explained that the Accounts and Audit (England) Regulations required authorities to have an “effective internal audit” and this was demonstrated through the establishment of a risk-based Internal Audit Plan.  The Plan was attached as Appendix A to the report.  The interim Chief Internal Auditor gave a presentation that set out how the plan had been prepared and the key highlights for the year ahead.


The aim of the presentation was to demonstrate to the Committee that a robust methodology (detailed in Appendix A of the Plan) had been adopted in formulating the Plan for 2019/20 and to reassure Members that the Plan focussed on the key risks facing the Council and achieved a balance between setting out the planned work for the year, but also retaining flexibility to respond to changing risks and priorities during the year.  The aim was also to provide assurance that there were sufficient resources within Internal Audit to deliver the Plan for 2019/20. 


The Internal Audit Strategy is a key governance document that comes to the Committee every year for endorsement.  Summary details of the internal audit strategy; consultation arrangements in formulating the plan; the risk assessment process; the key principles applied, and audit resource requirements to deliver the Plan in 2019/20 were described.  Fundamental to the Plan was consultation and the Audit Team consulted with Council managers in developing the Plan.  The Plan is owned by the whole Council.   Between January and March 2019 the Audit Managers consulted with over 60 officers within the Council on the contents of the Plan, including SLT, the Director of Corporate Services and the County Treasurer.  All high risk rated audit reviews are generally included in the Plan. However, occasionally there were other high-risk audits that are not included in the Plan.  In such cases, reliance is placed on alternative sources of assurance e.g. Peer Reviews, internal scrutiny or an inspectorate visit.  The aim was not to duplicate assurance.  As part of the Plan, the top risk  ...  view the full minutes text for item 83