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Annual Audit Letter 2017-18

Meeting: 24/09/2018 - Audit and Standards Committee (Item 36)

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Report of Ernst & Young.


Vishal Savjani, Ernst and Young, introduced the Annual Audit Letter for the year ended 31 March 2018.  The content of the Letter sections 1-5 had just been reported, minuted and approved.  Ernst and Young reported that they audited the accounts and provided a clean opinion and were satisfied with the arrangements for value for money.  At the time of the last meeting Ernst and Young had not completed the Annual Governance Accounts audit. This work had now been completed and there were no new issues to report.  Turning to Section 6 of the report, the key parts highlighted were the application of the new accounting standards due in the future.  The impact on the Council was summarised in the report and had implications for the Finance and Resources Team.


Members referred to Section 6 IFRS 16 Leases and asked if all leases were fully documented. 


RESOLVED: The interim Head of Internal Audit and Financial Services agreed to ask the Deputy Director of Finance and Resources if all leases were fully documented and report back to Members.