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Children's Homes Block Contract

Meeting: 16/03/2022 - Cabinet (Item 130)

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Cabinet Member for Children and Young People

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“While a great deal of preventative work is underway to try and safely keep children with their families wherever possible, we currently face a situation where local authorities must manage increasing demand on children’s services.


Entering a joint agreement with other councils and providers enables us to guarantee regular good-quality provision of care at a known price and remove some of the uncertainty caused when demand, on occasion, exceeds supply”.


Cllr Mark Sutton, Cabinet Member for Children and Young People


Reasons for the Decision – To consider proposals for a children's home block contract for 13 beds with an option to extend for a further 26 beds.


Decision - (a) That the County Council procures a block contract for 13 children homes placements in the private/voluntary sector with the ability to increase the contract where required to provide the ability to increase up to a further 7 homes (i.e. up to a maximum of 26 placements if needed).


(b) That the County Council enters into these arrangements for a maximum period of 8 years subject to demand.


(c) That authority be delegated to the Deputy Chief Executive and Director for Families and Communities to award to the successful bidder.


(d)  That the County Council agrees to deviate from its standard Price / Quality split of Price 70% and Quality 30% to Price 30% and Quality 70% for this contract.


(e) That the County Council agrees joint procurement activity with a joint contract led by Dudley.